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Zebco Reels

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I bought the kids a couple Zebco 404 reels, the 202's big brother. They were on sale for $7.47 at Wally's. Cant beat them things. We used them as kids. My brother even caught a good size Musky on his.

Great reel for cheap. If it breaks...get a new one. MJ
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I grew up on zebco reels...202,404, 33
still have some 33 for the kids and "just in case"
Like a timex watch. Go forever and if it breaks, you most likely got your money's worth out of it. Our zebco reels take one heck of a beating and have yet to fail! Can't beat em for the $$
That 404, for the kind of fishing I do, Bass, Walleye, Perch works like a champ. I own other stuff but this thing works pretty easy and catches fish. Just put some new line on once in a while, we're good. MJ

Although I never owned one...what about the 808 ! It came with 20lb test...had thoughts of one time of getting one and replacing line with 8, 10, or12lb test to increase capacity.......
I think I had an 808 for carp in the river. We used to tape our rods to our bikes, get a can of corn then catch carp outta Rocky River in the Metro Park. Kids don't do that kinda stuff these days. They go in the park to drink and smoke weed. MJ
Grew up with the "33" loved that real as a kid.
Went through many a can of corn in the rocky river when I was younger. Caught more carp than I care to remember. Used to catch them in the spring on the fly rod. Turtle grass under a float. Worked like a champ and it was free.

I have some zebco reels from my grandma that are probably some of the first made. They still work fine. Still have the boxes for them too.
We used to drink and smoke weed while we fished for carp.:D
We still drink and smoke weed while we fish for carp.:D
FIFY toby! :rotate:
On a side note, we recently held a Passport to Fishing event at our club. Our club treasurer contacted Zebco and they bent over backwards in providing us with a rod and reel that was handed out to every kid who participated. We bought 100 outfits from them and they cut us a ridiculous deal on them. Said it's part of their mission statement.
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