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Youth Waterfowl Weekend

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Good luck to all the youth hunters this weekend!!!! This is my last year with my son he's 15 1/2 :( Going to Pickerel Creek Sat, Saw a lot of Big ducks during teal season , Should be a Great Hunt with this weather!!!!
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Last year for my son too. I can't hunt where I want to, due to the wind. I'm still figuring out where to go ....
Ty's woodies from today.
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Awesome!!!!! Congrats.
Good for the kids, nice.
Awesome! Love to see kids getting into the most addicting sport there is!!
Sunday morning so far. Ty is having a blast.
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See many?
Got out with my 1 son over weekend Saturday at magee 1 greenhead only fired 1 shot very slow considering the weather. Sunday at Ottawa he got 3 Woody's didn't see much there either, but we had a great time.
No we didn't. Maybe 75 ducks?? The girls had 3 opportunities today. Thought we wud see more birds.
Great weekend!

My boy has no idea how lucky he is! After just a couple of opportunities on Saturday resulting in two wood ducks, Sunday offered a few more opportunities and he took advantage of them. I told him one band would have been something to remember, but he came home with two. Very happy for him and for all of the kids that had adults take them out to indoctrinate the next generation of waterfowlers.


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Good for him, on the bands!!!!
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