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Hello again! I'm wondering if anyone on here knows of any sponsored events for the youth. In Georgia, I was on a NWTF chapter list for available hunters to take youths out as an escort for turkey hunts. I don't know if Ohio has anything like this, but if it does and any of you avid turkey hunters know please let me know. I love to see others get the thrill out of turkey hunting just as I do everytime I hear a thundering gobble, or the sight of a struttin' tom coming right your way. I'm going to contact a buddy that works in South Carolina with the main chapter office to see if there is such an organization in Ohio, but if there is not I'm going to try to get something organized for the youths. I think that its the best thing for our youth these days. Hunting has been the best thing that has ever happened to me as a youth and I know that everyone on here can back me up on this, so please get a kid out and let them experience the wonderful joys hunting can bring. Thank you all and have a great season. <br> <br> David Ellis<br>
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