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Got back from my buddies house and the weekend was a great weekend. Friday we roosted a tom up on the ridge and planned on hunting him the next day. Got out there and there was 8 or 9 gobbling so we set up and at about 2 minnutes before shooting time i gave a few swats on the ground fly down, and som kackels. the woods roared with gobbling. i gave a few more yelps and they shut up. A few minnutes later there was 7 jakes walking the ridge right to us and strutting every few yards, They all got within 10 yards AWESOME SITE TO SEE., and one spotted us so my buddie shot and the they flew and i shot and we made a perfect dubble. Didnt use the bow i must of nocked the arrow rest because it was loose and i didnt have time to site it in. Great day MY BUDDIES FIRST BIRD. Sunday we went scouting and put two birds to bed, Monday only my buddie was shooting and i called. DIDNT HAVE A TAG First hour of light i brought a good size bird across the feild to us until 3 hens came out and played with his heart. Cant beat the real thing. Around 10 i got two nice two year old birds in within 15 yards but my buddie couldnt shoot because it was two thick and they finnaly spotted us.

P.S my bird was a 14 pound jake with 4 1/2 inch beard
abes was 16 pounds with 4 inch beard
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