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youth hunters safty coures

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Who is offering hunter education courses for youth. My grandson wants to take a class and Ohio DNR website is not offering any at this time
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At this time of year, he's probably not going to find any.

How old is he? If he's over 17, I think he can take the Texas course entirely on-line.
He's 11, no hurry to get it done right of way, I just want him to take it before next hunting season
Gotcha, I would start looking in February then.

He can also do the apprentice license for 3 years.
Check out the youth events forum. Tim and Lynn ant SCSA put on a very good course. I took my nephew a few years back, they do a great job. They have their phone numbers posted, give them a call to find out when the next class is.
We do have a spring class already scheduled for right before youth turkey. I'll post date when I confirm with either Lynn or Tim. We have been hosting two classes a year for the past couple of years. This past October's class had 77 participants.
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