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Youth hunt

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I have no kids lined up this year, so If you know of a couple who are interested in hunting with no where to go, please contact me about it. I have a very nice hunt lined up, if they can shoot a little, limits could be had. I have room for 2 and a dad or however, or 3 if the parents want to hang out a little ways away. I've been taking kids on these hunts for 15 years, safety is paramount. It will be marsh hunting in about 18 inches of water, with a dog. not sure at this point, but I think breakfast will be included. To be clear, this is free. All they have to do is have a good time.

The hunt will take place at Indian Lake. Waders will be needed.
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Very Nice offer Dan-0, My boy gets his fair share of hunting in but if no one else jumps on this let me know, new scenery is always nice,,
We'll see what happens by the 25th. If no intrest, I would be happy to take you two.
Nice offer Dan O. :tiphat:
Thanks guys, no big deal. Any reason to get out really.

Thanks to everyone who responded. I have been hooked up with 2 young lads and their father and we're ready to have fun Oct. 1st. Now we just need the weather and ducks to cooperate.
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