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<DIV>1) Buckmaster Maxpoint crossbow with bolts,quiver and red-dot scope $300<BR>5)* 4 G&amp;H "horseshoe" Deek weights. $8<BR>6)* 25 fiberglass decoy stakes 24" long $14 <BR>8)* Coleman "Sportcat" Heater used once $25<BR>9) Around 50 Flam standard Mallard waterkeel Bare $0.75/per Fully rigged $16/Doz<BR>11) Radio Shack "Gift card" $24.72 On it $15 shipped<BR>12) MadDog Backpack Very nice pack Cost over $100 $50 shipped<BR>13) Fieldline backpack $10<BR>14)* Stocking foot waders with Boots size 8 $50<BR>15) Bow mount trolling motor Bracket $25<BR>16) Small animal crate $10<BR>17) 2- "In the bed" truck tool boxes $40/per<BR>18) In-Ground fence system. Flags,transmitter,collar and some wire $50<BR>19) Texas Holdem' TV game 6 player used 2 times cost $49.99 $35 shipped<BR>*=Bought from other members and never had a chance to use.<BR>Please respond to <A href="mailto:[email protected]" target=_blank target=_blank><FONT color=#3b4914>[email protected]</FONT></A> Thanks</DIV><!-- / message --><!-- sig -->
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