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Would you call this a jumbo?

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Dave Berg of Mentor catches Lake Erie record 2.9-pound yellow perch, beats 32-year Ohio mark

May 5, 2016

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FAIRPORT HARBOR, Ohio - Dave Berg of Mentor finally broke the 32-year-old Lake Erie yellow perch record, and he did it while casting from the Ohio shoreline.

Berg checked in a 15.75-inch yellow perch weighing 2.9 pounds at Harbor Bait & Tackle on the banks of the Grand River in Painesville on April 18. He’d caught the jumbo perch just a few hundred yards east of the mouth of the Grand River, casting from a marina area.

“We had to be very careful with the perch because it had begun to drip a few eggs,†said shop owner Don Moore. “We put it on my scale, then had the scale certified by the county auditor’s office. The scale was right on the mark, all the way to 30 pounds.â€

The chubby fish knocked off a 2.75-pound, 14.5-inch yellow perch caught off Lorain by the late Charles Thomas in 1984. While anglers were sure every spring that the yellow perch mark would be broken, as perch fishing rebounded along the Ohio shoreline of Lake Erie, no angler could seem to top it.

Now the question will be whether Berg’s record will also last more than three decades.

“We’ve got Dave Berg’s fish in our freezer,†said Moore. “We’ve done all of the paper work with the Outdoor Writers of Ohio to have it certified as an Ohio record.â€

The all-tackle world record for yellow perch is one of the oldest marks in the International Game Fishing Association record books. It is a huge 4-pound, 3-ounce fish caught in 1865 by Dr. C. Abbot in Bordentown, New Jersey.

According to the 2016 IGFA record book, Berg’s 2-pound, 14-ounce yellow perch would top all of the IGFA line class marks, including the 4-pound and 6-pound test records, which are both 2 pounds, 11 ounces. It will easily beat the 2-, 8- and 12-pound test line marks, as well as all of the fly fishing records for yellow perch.
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Cap'n, don't ya love it that an ordinary Joe caught this beauty while dunking minnows from the shore? No $50,000.00 boat rig loaded with electronics, just a perch and crappie rig with some emerald shiners! I have a personal dislike for a couple of our state record fish. Every damn publicity photo you see of our state record smallie has the brother of that bass pro from " that state up north" shilling that "Snakie Spoon" jigging spoon he supposedly caught it on. And same for our new brown trout record. Can't see a photo without staring at the "All New and Improved" True Trip 30 diving planer. Great fish reduced to product endorsements. :stirthepot:
Not a jumbo unless it's boned and in butter.
That's definitely a jumbo. Hoping to visit the lake soon right after we finished installing the new shocks and smittybilt bumper on our Wrangler.
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