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Woodchuck anyone....

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A guy I work with eats the woodchucks he shoots. We had a "wild game" lunch, and he brought in woodchuck soup. One piece a had was a bit slimey, but I contributed that to how he cleaned it. Overall, I was pretty impressed. Anyone else willing to admit they eat woodchuck?
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It used to be a pretty regular meal when I was a kid. My grandma fixed it often. Then when I got older and started killing them, an old man down the road took every young one I'd bring him.
a guy I work with told me a few years back that the smaller ones taste like a sweeter roast beef. I was lucky enough one day to get a couple that weren't absolute hogs so I took his word....and he was spot on. they were absolutely amazing! I put them in the crock pot just like I do rabbits only in a bbq sauce instead and did another in some water to try it plain. they were really good
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