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Where'd you buy your duck boat?

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So been in the market for a new duck boat for a couple weeks now and I must say it has been disappointing. Looking for something in the 1860/2070 class. Want to buy a new boat. I have bounced around to a few of the big box places but to no avail. So the question is where to go? I do not want to order something sight unseen. I am planning on heading up to Freeway Sports tomorrow, hoping for some better luck there. Am I just out of season, or is this a boat model/type you can't walk in and buy off the floor?

Any leads are appreciated. I am in NWO but willing to travel if it is worth my time.

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Knox Marine in Fredericktown may have some that size in stock.
you won't go wrong at freeway they have it all and they hunt to so they know there $hit I have bought from them great people
Duckwater boats.
Duckwater boats.
I had ocean 18 and just ordered my blue water 21
If I was starting over from scratch and wanted the toughest boat made it would be a duck water. Hands down.

Steve has the process dialed in now.
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