What types of Scopes does everybody use for turkey? (Red Dot, etc.)

Discussion in 'Ohio Gobbler Hunting' started by Bshive, Mar 15, 2005.

  1. Bshive

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    I am looking into mounting a scope on my turkey gun this year. Anybody have suggestions and what setup are you currently using and do you like it? I have heard that red dot's are the way to go for turkey, true? Thanks

  2. jeffk

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    We have been using the same 3-9 Bushnell scopes for turkeys the same as slug guns for five years. Put them on for turkey season and put them back on for deer season. All B-Square scope mounts, only turn the power down to 3 for turkeys.

    So far they have taken the beating from 3" slugs to 3 1/2 inch turkey loads.

    Plus everyone has the same setup from deer to turkeys. I am impressed so far. At 3 power you can sure center on the bird in the thick stuff.

    I use mine alot to check turkeys at a distance on a higher power.

    With the B-square scope mounts there is a space to see the front bead if you have to use it if your scope fogs up for some reason or in the rain.

    I was in a major sporting goods store a month ago, and the gun dept. salesman was telling a potential customer that he would not shoot a rifle scope on a slug gun or a turkey gun. It would blow a- part on the recoil.

    I have 8 of the same scopes on shotguns, muzzleloaders and have not had a problem in five years. They are not the high dollar scopes either.

    I would suggest looking at all the options, but decide on what you like but I am sold on the scopes we use and never had a problem. Don't need a pair of binoculars either with a variable.

  3. Grizz109

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    I'm using a Simmons Pro Diamond 1.5-5 on my Deer/Turkey combo for the last five years and have had no problems with it to date.I keep it set on 4 but everyone has their own preference on that.