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Discussion in 'Ohio Gobbler Hunting' started by Dan_O, Apr 23, 2005.

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    <P>I went out Monday, I was hunting the edge of an open field.&nbsp;&nbsp;I called in a nice mature tom.&nbsp; 21 lbs., with an 8 3/4" beard.&nbsp;&nbsp; I shot it at 20 yards, after it had strutted for a while around my decoys.&nbsp;&nbsp; I went back out Wednesday and sat up in the same spot, this time I had my video camera mounted to my shotgun, (just under the barrel).&nbsp;&nbsp; I had two jakes fly out of a near by tree and land out about 35 yards in front of me.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; I hit the record button and followed them for a while.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; After about two minutes, when one of them gave me a good shot, Wham!&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; While the one I shot was flopping, the other one came over and spurred the heck out of it.&nbsp;&nbsp; it finally figured out that something was wrong and walked away.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; when I checked the video, I found that I had captured it all.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; It was too cool.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; I don't normally shoot jakes, but sense it was on tape I figured what the heck.&nbsp;&nbsp; </P>
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    <P><FONT size=4>SWEET!!</FONT></P>

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    a tom and a jake r the same thing right
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    <P>Yep Matt. Jake is immature adolescent male and a Tom is a mature older male. Jake will be usually a 1-2 year old bird with around 5 inch and shorter beards, immature tail feathers uneven in height and weighing anywhere from usually 10 to 15 pounds. Where a Tom has the nice even height on the tail feathers and has spurs, bigger beard and weight is generally from 17 pounds and up. Generally speaking. I shot a 17 pound on Friday and I consider it a jake as did the guys at November Bait and Tackle on RT 43 in Portage County.</P>
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    Dan-0...You better get TC to go hunting with you!! Congrats on the birds.