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What a game

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That was a good game. fights, tons of flags, a crazy acrobatic catch, dirty fans throwing trash at big ben. cheap hits. sorry Cincinnati just not good enough to beat black and yellow. cincinnati was a discrace tonight!!!
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You're off base a little. First, Cincy beat themselves. Before I continue let me clearly state that the fans that cheered when Rothlisberger was injured, threw things onto the field, etc are pathetic idiots. Where's Sam Wysche when you need him? Here are a few of my observations:

1) Emotions were in check for most of the game
2) Pittsburgh should have been flagged when the offensive lineman threw Burfict to the ground which would have move Pittsburgh back 15 yards and likely prevented a touchdown
3) How is a hit with the shoulder pads a 15 yard penalty but a hit that leads with the crown of the helmet not a penalty (the hit on Bernard). It still would have been a fumble but he should have been flagged
4) A great season and a great game will be forgotten because of the actions of a couple of players

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Joey Porter should have been flagged for illegally being on the field. He is a LB coach (not a trainer), on the field when the Steelers have the ball, and was taunting the Bengals, which is why Pacman Jones got the penalty. The steelers should have been moved back and not have the chip shot. At worst, with offsetting penalties, the kick should have been a 50 yarder. The refs have to do a better job with that.
Its funny that you Bengals fans are actually defending the actions and saying you should have won when you got your arse kicked for 50 mins of the game and you then looked like a completely disgraceful organization in the final minutes. And Pittsburg isnt any better with coaching cheap shots and running on the field like a thug.

And how does a running back fumble the ball with less than a minute left when trying to run out the clock? Hahahaha! Sure the drive and the fumble were bad but that debockle last night trumps them both!
The key play was the fumble by Hill with 1:18 to play. Burfect played a fantastic game, the sack on Ben turned the whole flow of the game and his interception was a fantastic play, without the fumble this would never have happened.

Jones is a free agent, I would love to see him sign with the Steelers, he is better than any db we have.

Ben showed why he is one of top five qb's playing today, not many players would be able to lead that last drive.

Shazier is a beast

And finally, there should be a QB controversy in Cincinnati next year, I was very impressed by the poise during and after the game by their QB. The ginger would have folded under the pressure.
Game was locked tight for most of the it, I don't think that's getting you butt handed to you.

I'm not defending any actions, period. Two people cost them the game with stupid penalties.

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SteveinCantown I couldn't disagree with you more. Dalton is the Bengals QB, he's the one who got them to playoffs.

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Here's what we needed last night:

Cincy takes a knee 3 times forcing Pittsburgh to burn their 3 time outs. Even if they miss the FG, Pittsburgh get the ball very little on the clock and no time outs.

Couldn't believe what I saw. They'll be talkin' bout this one for a long time. MJ
no doubt about it. the steelers did not whoop em. but i do believe the game showed the better team on top. look at first half. we was able to have enough drives to put up three field goals. Not saying they are much better. if you make stupid mistakes including fumbling the football with just a little over a minute left. u deserve to loose. both teams showed great defence. Thats about all the game was. as for flags. there was plenty on on both sides. i think the refs made great calls and did a great job. That had to be a rough game for refs. there was enough tension in the air you could cut it with a knife.
One of the funniest moments in NFL history, still laugh about this 25 years later.

With that being said, every team in every sport has fans that throw things on the field, although wrong, I understand the frustration the Bengals fans had last night that lead to them throwing bottles at Ben
SteveinCantown I couldn't disagree with you more. Dalton is the Bengals QB, he's the one who got them to playoffs.

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He might get them them to the playoffs, but he is just like Lewis and chokes in big games
He was the top rated QB in the league before he was injured. He proved himself this year.
Refs lost control, Bengals beat themselves ,Steelers move on... Bengals went as far with the young QB as possible, and the Steelers are no champions...
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