we have it easy in ohio

Discussion in 'Sporting Dog Training' started by fishnfool, May 12, 2005.

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    I was reading up on some other national forums and there were lots of threads about snake proofing your dog.&nbsp; I can understand it's a neccessity in texas or louisiana but man, those guys were going to the trouble to get defanged rattlers or tying up watersnakes and shock collering the dogs.&nbsp; I love snakes, own 4 of em and have 2 in my lab but i never even considered having to work the dog with them.&nbsp; Mabye there is some other positive aspects to living in ohio other than lake erie...relative lack of venomous snakes. A few copperheads down south and mabye a very rare timber rattlesnake but nothing like the texas guys were talking about.<br>
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    Amen to that!&nbsp; And no gators and no fire ants either!<br>

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    <P>The biggest problem I have here in WNY is the occasional tick.&nbsp; Even that is something I do not see very often.&nbsp; I have a lab every winter because her owner goes to Florida for three months.&nbsp; In the neighborhood he lives in, the labs are nicknamed Gator Bait!&nbsp; Will not stay out of the water so many are lost to gators.&nbsp; Sent me a picture of a 12 footer in his back yard.&nbsp; I will take a snow storm any day.&nbsp; We are blessed with(out) these distractions.&nbsp; Jim</P>