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We had some fun on the opener, not many birds bagged, but fun.

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We ended up layout hunting off of Pipe Creek for the opener. We weren't sure how the wind was going to go in the morning, so we decided to set up just north of pipe creek hunting area. There were tons of ducks in pipe, not so many teal. We set up a single and a 2 man layout, with about 50 goose floaters and a dozen duck decoys. We were set up wth about 10 min. till go time. There was just enough time for a flock of geese and several teal to fly through the decoys before shooting time. We had a couple of missed opportunities on teal, due to the fact that it took a couple of the guys a minute to ID the birds as teal. There were plenty of geese flying around, but they all seemed to know where they were headed. We ended up wth 2 teal and 1 goose. We also had a nice breakfast of dove, bacon, and eggs. We had many other ducks that worked into the hole, too bad it wasn't big duck season.

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Sounds like a good time. Thanks for sharing.
Nice pics Dan_O.
Nice spread
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