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Warm weather

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One good thing is coming Out of this warm winter, **** aren't dened up yet! Got one stinker in my yote set today as well


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Not rubbed yet?
Get any coyotes yet?
Just started trapping them this week
1 coyote, 1 skunk, 5 ****, 97 rats
What's rubbed or rubbing? I know nothing about trapping.
most furbearing animals start to rub their winter coats on trees and other objects to mark teritory due to breeding. big boar **** rub a lot in January. and you will start to see it on fox and coyote very soon. even later in the season furbearing animals will start to loose their winter coat for spring. i dont know but im guessing they start to itch when their summer coat starts to come in. this is when you start getting your cotton mink in febuary.
Not a veteran trapper by any means but needed to trap a few around my deer feeders. My biggest one so far. Love the dog proof traps. Up to 12 ***** and one possum


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