Venison Summer Sausge Recipe #2

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    With the Holiday Season in full swing, fresh meat in the freezer and a hankering for cured meats...It's time to make some Summer Sausage.

    Ingredients for a 6lb recipe.

    (6) pounds of ground venison (10% beef tallow added)
    If you grind your own vension, use 5 lbs of Venison and 1 lb of Ground Pork Sausage.
    (3) Tbsp. of Morton's Tender Quick
    (2) Tbsp. of Black Pepper
    (2) Tbsp. of Mustard Seed
    (2) Tbsp. of Garlic Powder
    (3) tsp. of Liquid Smoke
    (2) Cups of Cold Water
    (6) 1lb-size fibrous casings

    Soak fibrous casings for about 10 minutes in warm water and set aside. Mix cold water, tender quick, black pepper, mustard seed, garlic powder and liquid smoke in a large plastic bowl and mix well with a wisk.

    Add ground meat to the bowl and mix everything together by hand for about 5 minutes.

    Stuff each casing with meat mixture using a sausage stuffer (I have a kitchen aid with attachment) or you can suff large zip-loc bags and cut a hole in the corner of a bag and stuff your casings or simply use a spoon. Be sure to squeeze the meat mixture as tightly as possible into the casing and eliminate as much air as possible. Use your hand to twist the casing (like a loaf of bread) and clamp with metal hog rings, or use zip-ties like I do. They work just as good.

    After you stuff and tie all of the casings, place them on a cookie sheet with a paper towl underneath and keep it in the refrigerator on the bottom shelf for 17-24 hours. This is a must. You have to let the Tender Quick, which is the curing salt, to develop it's flavor and color. The amount of Tender Quick that I used in this recipe, is the exact ratio that is needed for the amount of meat being used. (1 Tbsp. per 2 pounds of meat.)

    After your sauages have cured overnight, place them directly on the second to lowest oven rack and place the cookie sheet on the bottom rack to catch the drippings, in a pre-heated 200 degree oven or smoker for 6 hours. After 6 hours, check the internal temperature every 30 minutes, until you reach 165F. I use a simple meat thermometer.

    After your sausages have reached an internal temp of 165 degrees, take them out and immediately put them into an ice water bath for 10 minutes. You want to stop the cooking time as quickly as possible. After the ice water bath, just dry them off with a paper towl and hang them. You will need to let them hang at room temperature for 2 hours. This is considered the "blooming" process. This is the second most important thing to do, besides letting the mixture cure in the refrigerator, because the blooming process helps develop flavor and color.

    After your sausages have come to room temperature, just wrap them tight in butchers paper or vaccum seal them and throw them in the refrigerator or freeze them. Enjoy with crackers, cheese, mustard & a good beer. Enjoy!
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