Venison Meatballs (Italian Style)

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    Venison Meatballs Recipe

    This is an old school meatball recipe that is super easy and requires only a handful of ingredients. Anyone can brown some ground meat, throw it in a red sauce and call it dinner, but if you really want to bring out the best in your deer meat, take a few extra minutes and treat your family to a dinner that they will request again and again. Try them and let me know what you think!

    This recipe yields about 18 golf ball-sized meatballs. The recipe can be doubled, tripled etc…

    1 lb of ground venison (10% beef tallow added)
    1 egg
    ¼ Cup of Milk
    ½ Cup of Breadcrumbs
    1 Bunch of Basil (Chopped)
    ¼ Cup of Parmesan Cheese
    1 Onion (Chopped)
    1 Tbsp. of Minced Garlic
    1 tsp. of Salt
    1 tsp. of Black Pepper
    1 tsp. of Dried Oregano
    1 tsp. of Garlic Powder
    ½ tsp. of Crushed Red Pepper Flakes

    You will also need:
    Olive Oil
    2 Quarts of Your favorite Pasta Sauce (Store bought or Homemade) and Pasta Noodles

    Start by sauteing the chopped onion & garlic in Olive Oil until softened and then set aside. You can get your pot of sauce heating up as well.

    In a large bowl, combine all of the ingredients for the meatballs and mix with your hands until incorporated…

    Form the meatballs into golf ball-size and lay them out on a greased baking sheet…

    Bake the meatballs for 15 minutes in a 425 degree oven…

    Toss the meatballs in your pot of sauce and simmer on medium heat for 2 hours…

    After the two hours are up, they are ready to eat as is, or toss them with your favorite pasta and enjoy!

    These meatballs are extremely moist, flavorful and taste great. I encourage you to give this recipe a try!
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    Going to try that ! Looks great !!

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    I hope you do. They are excellent!