Ure A Duck Wind Ducks & H Bars For Sale

Discussion in 'Decoys' started by drake1199, Jul 18, 2016.

  1. drake1199

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    I have for sale the following Ure A Duck Wind Ducks with wings. Looking to get 35.00 per wind duck plus shipping. Everything is new except one bluebill and one redhead have been lightly used. I am getting rid of this stuff because I am getting out of hunting. If interested please PM me.
    5 Drake Bluebills
    5 Drake Redheads
    3 Drake Mallards
    5 Drake Old Squaw
    4 Drake Canvasback
    5 Drake Scoter
    5 Drake Goldeneye

    H Bars
    2 Single 20.00 Each Plus Shipping
    2 Double 25.00 Each Plus Shipping
    2 Triple 30.00 Each Plus Shipping
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    Wind ducks

    Have any pictures? How do they work? Location?