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Two historic dates this week

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Tomorrow marks the 40th anniversary of the sinking of the Edmund Fitzgerald. Probably my personal best day of duck hunting in my life. As a teenager, we shot that day under the point system. Every duck left in Canada was coming through that day. Two o'clock in the afternoon and it looked like Armageddon was upon us!!! Pitch black skies as "the witch of November" made her appearance. I have never seen anything like it since. Flocks of green wings and shovelers collapsing on the beach from exhaustion!!! Swans fighting the wind to settle in. We shot a little bit of everything that day. The wind blew so bad that the sand was jamming the actions on our guns. We had to walk into the lake and try to rinse out the actions so you could load more than one shell into the gun. We read about "the Fitz" going down in Lake Superior the next day during that same storm that rocked the Midwest. Additionally, Wednesday November 11 marks the anniversary of the fatal Armistice Day blizzard that claimed the lives of many duck hunters in the upper mid-west
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You're old........
You forgot the Marine Corps birthday too. MJ
I must really be "old " then as well. I was a 23 year old hunting Sandusky Bay in my layout boat. Several boats went down. lost guns and gear, hunters in the water, but by the grace of God no lost lives. My brother was so moved by the experience he handed me his gun and said put this in your gun closet and I will let you know when I want it. I have never to this day got him back in my layout boat.. One heck of a storm.
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