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6-#110 Conibear traps (for mink/muskrat)

1-#11 Double Spring Trap (raccoon, coyote)

1-#4 coils spring trap (coyote, fox, raccoon)

2-box traps (muskrat/mink)

4-muskrat hide stretchers

$40 for all, including cooler

pu in Toledo area, or add UPS

call/text Chuck 419-266-1557

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just to help ya out on your sale. that coil spring and double long spring looks to be size 2 in picture.
thanks, haven't used them in a long time and was trying to match up with Hawbakers website pics
I agree with ducky. Easiest way to tell if you can't read the pan is to measure the inside jaw spread.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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