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Tractor Question

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Anyone have any experience with old tractors? I'm looking at getting an 8N with a back blade for clearing snow at my house.

Any specific pros/cons with an 8N in particular? Any experience using a rear blade to push snow?

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Get chains or have the tires filled with salt water. Also put stabilizing bars on your 3 pt. hook up. Over all it works pretty good. We live out in the open, we had a problem with piling up the snow, them big drifts happening. So push snow out away from drive as far as you can. An 8n should work just fine for snow plowing.
I plow snow all the time with my 1948 8N. Chains will help, I dont use them. Honestly 6" of snow is about max. Anything over 8" you're going to struggle.

Mine is a 6 volt system. Many 8Ns have been converted to 12 volt. We love that tractor and use it for everything. Smiths Old Ford Tractors is a great web-site with a wealth of information on it. hth MJ
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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