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Tilapia for weed control?

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Has anyone ever tried stocking Tilapia into their pond? We just dumped around 175 fingerlings into our clubs pond. Some were nearly 10 inches long. We have been told that they reproduce every 17 days and that the bass will gorge themselves on the fry and eventual fingerlings. They are reported to reach around 2 pounds by fall, and can be caught on small hooks and red worms. They are supposedly voracious feeders on algae, weeds, pond scum and even woody matter. Will report on success or lack of at a later date. And as an aside, while visiting the club yesterday, saw the neatest thing! A red winged black bird landed on a reed at the shoreline about 2 feet away above the ponds surface. A huge bass busted out of the water and almost snagged the bird! I'm thinking the bass was cruising the shoreline which are heavy with spawning bluegills right now. I bet that bird chit itself as it made its escape!
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Sounds about right, I have done reserch on Tilapia,for human consumption most are farm raised and used cyclical in ponds to clean and rejuvinate them, one season catfish,etc.. will be raise then switched the next for tilapia.They do grow fast depending on the food source,most are feed assorted pressed meal pellets.Most farm raised fish will all be netted at a certain point so that pond will only produce the species they want without a mix of fish.
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