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This time tomorrow...

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My daughter and I will be at Ravenna listening to a safety briefing! I'm really looking forward to this hunt and hope that my daughter kills her first buck. Of course my youngest daughter says it better not be bigger than her buck! You gotta love sibling rivalry.


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I'll be there as well DR. With my wife. She stuck a nice buck last weekend and we couldn't recover him so she is itchcin like crazy to get another crack at one. I'll be the giant blonde dude with little blonde woman in tow...
DR - good luck tomorrow - welcome to Browns country !

Saw this buck as I drove by Ravenna fence last week :eek:

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Capt. Mark, I grew up in Lorain County so I know how hazardous it is up there.:D

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It didn't turn out as I had hoped. We were in zone 34B and had a crack at a 2.5 year old 6 or point and saw a spike but no luck. We did have a great day and the weather was perfect.

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We seen 8 deer at Ravenna shot a doe while pushing for the wife zone 5b
Nice deer mark!!
MY hunting partner Glenn shot this 11 pt. not huge but nice PLUMBROOK DEER
(Glenn has No internet access )

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I emailed Glenn to see if he still had that muzzleloader for sale. Still no reply.
He meant his hunting partner ChArleZ , not Glenn. I heard Glenn got an iPhone 6s Plus max extreme, so while he still has no internet, I bet you could text him or FaceTime him.
Nice deer by the way. Any idea on age? He looks like an old timer? Or maybe all the radiation makes him look older than he is?
Wife got her first deer ever Saturday at Ravenna in section 4B. First deer we saw in the morning. She put a perfect shot on him and he went down within eyeshot. I'd say she is pretty well hooked!

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Great job TooTall and Mrs TooTall!
Congrats! I wish I had the same story to tell.

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Didn't you take ChArLeZ with you?
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