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The Combined efforts of a great group of folks

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Very unique season, even as we found birds - couldn't believe how far between the groups were. Many spots only holding 20-80 then would finally find a group worthy to chase.

Believe we hunted in 9 counties this year and had an absolute ball. With the birds farther in between we put the miles on that's for sure! As I stated in a previous post, it truly amazes me every year as to the length folks we 'compete' with will do to try and prevent our success. Work harder and smile!!!

Not our best year by any means but slid into spot #2 on numbers.

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Looks like a damn good season to me. Congrats
nice job, 9 counties--wow, I thought when we put 900 miles on a week in Canada scouting we did a lot of scouting
Think what you could have done if you hunted the last week!

Nice job.
Think what you could have done if you hunted the last week!

Nice job.

No comment!!!!

BUT 'paradise' is 'paradise'!
Awesome season! Well done!
Glad all your effort paid off for you guys!
Wow, looks like a great season! Nice job
Thanks Men! Sorry pics were not the clearest.
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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