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Thanks for giving upland enthusiast a venue to reach out to one another. I heard something on D'arcy's show 2 weeks ago that was kinda sad. D'arcy made the point that a whole generation of young hunters have been brought into our fraternity without ever having enjoyed the raucous flush of a cock pheasant getting pushed to flight by a bird dog, or the sound of a pack of beagles baying their heads off chasing a cottontail rabbit around in circles. Many of todays youth get their safe hunters certification and graduate right to either the deer or turkey woods. When we were youngsters, we hunted ducks and geese in the mornings and evenings, but we chased roosters and bunnies around in the grain stubblefields and adjacent cover during mid-morning and early afternoon. My uncle always had pointers and shorthairs, and I still remember when pheasants could be found in Trumbull and Ashtabula counties with some regularity.
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