Texas Holdem' TV poker game F/S

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    <DIV>Guys I have a (almost) NIB "Texas Hold'em TV poker 6 player edtion" Only been out of the box twice to play a couple games at the firehouse. If you have not seen one, it allows 6 guys (or u can practise and play the computer) to play THP on your TV. Each player has his own LCD controller to place your bets with, check your hole cards,ect ect without the guy next to ya knowing what ya got.Computer does all the shuffleing and keeps your pot "right" . Several diffrent setups and versions of THP.&nbsp; $35 and I'll pay shipping!&nbsp; <A href="mailto:[email protected]" target=_blank><FONT color=#3b4914>[email protected]</FONT></A> Thanks</DIV><!-- / message --><!-- sig -->