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taxidermy mounts

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Picked up my mounts from Artistic Touch in oregon. They did a great job. I hand built the wood duck box and post. Thinking of adding a hen Merganser flying out of the box later, mimicking how the Merganser lays her eggs in a wood ducks nest to let the woodie hatch them.


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Those folks got it going on!
Ya just don't see many coot mounts.
Love the coot! I've never heard of a hen merg letting the wood duck take care of her eggs. I knew they nested in tree cavities like woodies, but that's a new on on me. Cool.
I believe it's called brood parasite, but after doing more research on it, Merganser eggs take 32 days to hatch roughly and woodies 30. So they believe now that they don't dump their eggs with woodies as much as with other hoodies. Due to the fact that the woodie ducklings would leave the box before the hoodies hatched. Still might get the hen hoodie flying out like she was looking to see if the box was being used and what was using it. I'm sure it happens in the wild.
I've heard of other birds doing it. Usually the parasite bird kicks the other chick's or eggs out of the nest to their doom in order to get all the attention (and food) for itself.
nice work
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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