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Not getting any younger so looking to sell some stuff that at my age won't be used. All items are for pickup only (except the dog boots and vest which can be mailed at buyers expense) but I will meet within 30 minutes of Avon to make the sale. PM or email if interested. I will be adding more as I cleanout my collection of equipment.

Avery TracLoc Boat Push Pole (10' max.) $20
Avery Extendable Decoy Retriever Pole (18' max.) $20

33 goose shells. Nine (9) shells are standard size (23.5"in length) and use the metal "T" stakes for placement in the field. Twenty-four (24) shells are magnums (25"in length), sit directly on the ground and secured from blowing away by a stake. The heads for the standard shells are various fixed poses. The heads for the magnum shells are multi-position adjustable heads. All stakes are included. Comes with a six (6) compartment decoy bag for transport. $125 SOLD

Standard size styrofoam dekes (no weights_ (Dozen mallards and 6 wood ducks) ($150 dollars)

Dog Vest ($15)

Dog Boots ($10)

2 Long Line Weights and Line ($20)

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Herter's Foam Decoys

Herter's Foam Decoy's SOLD!
Dog boots, dog vest and long line and weights are GONE.
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