Stoeger O/U??

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    <P><FONT face="arial, helvetica, sans-serif">Anyone know anything about the stoeger condor?&nbsp; dicks is selling them for $300 now but the normal price is only $330.&nbsp; I've always wanted an O/U and will be in the market for a new shotgun soon since my old wingmaster is only chambered for 2 3/4 shells.&nbsp; I want a little more punch for goose season.&nbsp; The reviews i've read have been good.&nbsp; The gun isn't very stylish as far as o/u go but the price is right and its going to be a field gun anyways, not a show piece. </FONT></P>
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    Sorry I didn't read this thread...sent you a private message.&nbsp; <img src="" align="middle" border="0"><br>

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    <P>I bought one I couple of years back and have been pretty happy with it except for opening day dove hunting two years ago was hunting all day in the rain, stock swelled up and couldnt get it open for a couple days but other than that ive been real happy with it.</P>