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Stihl Farm Boss

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Considering the Stihl Farm Boss. Anyone have anything good or bad to say about them. I'm undecided on it vs. the step up to a professional Stihl 391. I'm just an occasional firewood cutter but like power. I have lots of maple and oak to cut from 8" to 30".
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I had an old 025 that died on me this year and just bought a brand new Farm Boss MS 271 with a 20 inch bar. I have cut all of this years firewood with it....oak, cherry. and maple. The largest diameter was about 24 inches and Im very happy with it. Its balanced well, extremely comfortable, and has enough power to drive rakerless chains without bogging down. Id recommend it.
I've had one for about 5 years and haven't had one issue yet. I run an 18" bar and have cut 75ft oaks and maples with no problem. I also have Stihl hedge trimmers, weed wackers, backpack blowers and a cut off saw and no complaints. Highly recommend
10th year with mine. 18" bar. Has been used extensively but I take good care of it. No complaints.
Sounds like a winner! Any reason to upgrade chain from the Rapid Micro 3 chain that it comes with to the Rapid Super Comfort 3? Difference from reduced to low kickback.
My MS271 has been able to handle anything I needed it to do. Always reliable. I would recommend the 20" bar, for sure.
Cant go wrong with stihl products
The 391 is still in the farm ranch category. I've had a 390 for 10 years or so and it's a beast. Thinking about adding a 362 (which is commercial / higher rpm) to the fleet. I'm told it will out perform the 390 but we'll see.
A buddy of mine has one and it's an awesome saw! We've been working an oak for a while now and it hasn't bogged down at all. It will be my next saw.

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Stihl is the way to go, I have two no complaints. Only other saw I would consider is a Husqvarna

Here is my .02 from a guy that has way more saws than any non -arborist/logger should have.

If you don't cut a ton of wood, then the farmboss/most non pro (stihl,jonsred, husky, solo, dolmar, even echo etc) saws work just fine. They are a little heavier, a bit slower, and will have some shorter service/lower performance parts. There is a reason they cost 200+$ less. I would get a saw 60cc or bigger for an all around firewood saw and a 35-40 cc saw for limbing and cutting your other saw out of a pinch.

With that being said i ran my buddy's 362/363 or what ever it was is a darn good firewood saw. Very lite vs its 62cc or whatever it is. Some saw shops will let you buck a log out back. This is the best way to see if you like pro vs homeowner saws best.

The most important performance factor regardless of saw is a sharp chain and a few of them and/or the knowledge of how to keep them that way.
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Stihl farm boss has been good to me. No issues thus far
When I got home from overseas in January 2006 I made a deal with my mom if she bought the saw of my choice I would provide her with all the firewood she would need to heat her home. I also sell firewood every year. I cut approximately 10 cords a year and am still using the same MS290 my mom bought me almost ten years ago. If you take care of it...it will take care of you. I even bought a second MS290 five years ago and it is just as great as the first saw. I run 16, 18, and 20 inch bars on them.
Stihl is the way to go, I have two no complaints. Only other saw I would consider is a Husqvarna
I recently bought a 16" Husqvarna. For home owner use, it was in my price range and the place I purchased it from services them. I got my moneys worth out of the little Mac 120 I've been using the last 25 years. MJ

The best thing I like about this saw is I can get to the Spark plug without getting my tool box and have to take the whole dang apart.
The the old 290 farm boss is now a 291. The farm boss is now a 271. But anyways you are looking 291 vs a 391. The 391 has bigger chain and more HP. 391 is a mid range saw. I have a 311 and will do anything I want it to do with the bar I have. It's between 271 and 391. Gets heavy after cutting awhile but no other complaints.
291 only a pound lighter but does make a diff after awhile. If you need a dealer/name for someone to talk to I may know someone ;)
290 farm boss is a great saw. My brother an I cut a lot of wood and have a 290, 391,362 and a 441. Haven't had a lick of problems with a stihl product yet. You won't be upset going with a farm boss. Buy one of those then a 660 or 880. Go big or go home.
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