Sporting Clays

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    <P>I myself love to shoot the hunting 50 down at hidden haven. I shot a 35 the other day with 2 malfunctions on my SX2. Course average was 28. How do you guys measure up on course average. I kind of am impressed with myself when I go but I know there are a lot better around.</P>

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    <P style="MARGIN: 0px">I&nbsp;use to do it more some years back. The norm would be high 30's &amp; lwr 40's,</P> <P style="MARGIN: 0px">like 43.&nbsp;I have shot some tough courses too. The first course i shot a low 40 with a 870 wingmaster, the owner of the club even came over to our group</P> <P style="MARGIN: 0px">&amp; shook my hand.&nbsp;I dig the rabbits &amp; minis. Even shot 'em skipping over a water hole about&nbsp;5 yrds from&nbsp;your station, that was tricky !!</P> <P style="MARGIN: 0px">Alot of fun.</P>