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Hello All,
I have a some openings left on my schedule for guys who want to hunt conservation snow geese in February/early March in Fayette co, IL. My name is Nate Marlen and I am a licensed waterfowl guide in IL only.

I am posting this info here as a significant portion of hunters that hunt with me are from OH.
Figured I'd let more of you in on my operation. I can provide local OH references that have/are hunting with me so that you may verify my operation.

We hunt in comfort in a large concrete pit that has propane heaters, a bathroom, plenty of seating, room to walk around, a full size refrigerator/freezer and a hot breakfast and lunch served daily.
I have both a snow goose floater spread on water in front of this pit and a 12,000+ decoy spread for about 10 acres around my pit. This pit kills more snow geese every spring than any other pit in IL.
There are several refuge/roost locations on this farm that I own and hunt on and typically hold large numbers of snows.
Falling snows of Fayette co., IL is my outfitter service name and can be found on facebook.
You are welcome to call myself on my cell at (314) 486-1859 with any questions.
I charge $250/day/hunter and have a discounted rate set up with a local motel 8 miles away.

Note: I will cancel hunts ahead of time if we get extreme cold predicted as the snows tend to no fly well and will rescheule hunters for a later date or refund deposits.
If we EVER have a no kill day, there is no charge for the hunt and a less than 4 geese day is a 1/2 charge day but rarely happens).
Also, clients get all bands - none for me or my guides.

I also own and hunt a very productive "duck field" here in Fayette co. that I flood standing corn on every fall. We averaged over 5.5 ducks/hunter/day again this season as has been the norm for over the last 20 years I have hunted here. This 20 foot pit is set up for 5 hunters and a dog, which I do not have. I am taking duck hunt bookings now for next season which opens 11/11 (that day booked full already - LOL) and will end 1/9/24.
Same cost as snow goose hunting but with NO FOOD as we are usually shot out early anyway.
Thank you for your consideration!
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