Silent Gobblers

Discussion in 'Ohio Gobbler Hunting' started by wdduck, Apr 24, 2005.

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    <P style="MARGIN: 0px">Hey Folks,</P> <P style="MARGIN: 0px">&nbsp;&nbsp; I am looking for some advise. I have been chasing the gobblers the past three days in extreme NW Ohio. It has not been a very successful string of events. The Birds are gobbling very hard while on the roost. Once they hit the ground they are silent and will not work with the call. </P> <P style="MARGIN: 0px">&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; This morning I had atleast 4 or 5 different gobblers in the area. A buddy of mine and myself worked our way to the closest tom. We got about 100 yds. away from the roost. I only gave 1 or 2 yelps to let them know that a hen was in the area. We watched them pitch to the ground once on the ground not a gobble. We sat for about an 1/2 an hour and no sign of the turkey's. While calling to the tom's there were others in the area sounding off but were not willing to make the trek to the call. Just wondering if anyone else was experiencing the same type of thing. I originally blamed it on the weather or hens close by. Does anybody have any suggestions on how to get these birds to work or am I going about it the wrong way? </P> <P style="MARGIN: 0px">&nbsp;</P> <P style="MARGIN: 0px">Thank you.</P> <P style="MARGIN: 0px">&nbsp;</P> <P style="MARGIN: 0px">&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; </P>
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    <P>Try and find exactly where they are going once they hit the ground.</P> <P style="MARGIN: 0px">If it is a field put from one hen decoy to 3 hens and a jake decoy just past you in a very visible spot. That way once the turkeys spot the decoys they might approach close enough to you to get a shot.&nbsp; I would not call if the birds have been pressured alot. </P> <P style="MARGIN: 0px">&nbsp;</P> <P style="MARGIN: 0px">Lately like you said the past two days have really stopped the early morning gobbling. I have not heard a gobble since Friday. Just wait until the sun comes out and the weather warms up again. </P> <P style="MARGIN: 0px">&nbsp;</P> <P style="MARGIN: 0px">Try and stay ahead of the birds where they want to go.</P> <P style="MARGIN: 0px">&nbsp;</P> <P style="MARGIN: 0px">Let me know if you have any more questions.</P> <P style="MARGIN: 0px">&nbsp;</P> <P style="MARGIN: 0px">There is a P. M. headed your way.</P>