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Senior citizens behaving badly!

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NORTH RIDGEVILLE, Ohio — A 61-year-old man faces felony assault and robbery charges after he attacked a hunter who confronted him about his attempt to steal a deer stand, North Ridgeville police said.
William Bennett is expected to make his first appearance in Elyria Municipal Court Tuesday on felonious assault, robbery and other charges related to the Jan. 5 incident.
A 63-year-old hunter spotted Bennett climbing down from the deer stand with a pair of bolt cutters in a wooded area off of Center Ridge Road, North Ridgeville Police Capt. Marti Garrow said.
The hunter confronted Bennett, who said that he was a naturalist for the city of North Ridgeville and that he had permission to cut down the deer stand, Garrow said.
The hunter didn't believe Bennett and tried to escort him out of the area.
Bennett swung the bolt cutters at the hunter and missed, and the two got into a fist fight, Garrow said.
Several passersby witnessed the fight and rushed in to break it up.
One of the witnesses called police, who arrived and took Bennett into custody.
Officers found Bennett's truck parked nearby and discovered part of another tree stand in the back as they prepared to tow it away.
The hunter had cuts and bruises on his face but refused medical attention.
Bennett remains in Lorain County Jail on a $50,000 bond.
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He/they stole another stand from the property recently. He picked the wrong dude to mess with. Friends of mine know the "63 year old hunter", and said that he's about as tough as they come. Glad they caught this idiot. Too bad the news story doesn't reflect what really happened. But in the end, the good guys won, and that's what matters.
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