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Semiauto question

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Hey guys my wife is offering to help me buy my first semiauto shotgun. looking to spend about 1200 $ .mostly want it for my waterfowl gun but would like to use it for upland hunting as well. Just looking for any recommendations i like the browning but dont know anything about the pros and cons on gas driven or inertia driven and so on, any input is appreciated.

Thanks joe
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You're going to get a lot of responses from the brand loyal status crowd. However, truth is that pretty much any gun you buy in that price range is going to be a quality firearm. The best thing to do is go to a gun shop that carries a variety, and handle as many in that range as you can. Find the one that feels the best to you.
If you're inclined to buy a Browning, you're in good company. My current gun is a maxus; before that I shot a silver and I'm thinking about an A-5 although I like the recoil of gas over spring.

If your top end is $1,200, you can get into most models in black-I think. I paid 1,169 for my camo Maxus 4 years ago but I'm sure they've went up since. The SX-3 is very similiar to the gas browning guns. The Benellis are a completely different felt recoil. Berettas gas is smooth and fast but pricey.
Browning or VersaMax. Some ppl prefer the latter, claiming it's one firearm Remington got ''right'' in a recent list of not so greats
Im a beretta fan. but would not mind having the new style browning a5. It pulls up great for me. like others said if your buying new. shoulder as many as you can. and find the one that fits you the best. any of the B guns is gonna be worth the money.
anything that starts with a b
You want a 2 3/4, 3" or 3 1/2" gun? Myself, I wouldn't want to carry around something real big for small game.

I carry a 26" barreled 2 3/4 gun for everything.

Don't be afraid to buy more than one gun! :) MJ
I got a winchester x3 last year. Man it is light to carry, field hunting, duck and goose hunting and I shoot sporting clays with it. The recoil is really nothing. I shoot 2 3/4 3in and 3 1/2 rounds. The only thing I bought for it is a set of extended choke tubes. For what it cost to me it's a great deal and it has never failed me. Good luck with ur choice.
Thanks for the input everyone. I think mostly a 3 in round. I plan on getting the gun at the end of May so ive got some time to handle different guns.
Own a Maxus and Versa Max love them both.

Maxus jammed up on me the other day - yes EP it was dirty :)

Love the Benellis I've owned
Beretta - Pricey - yes.

Problems - have witnessed just as many at the above guns.

Like the folks said, find what fits. If you hunt hard, they all fail at some point.
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