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Salt Fork Hunter...

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I just wanted to thank the fella that took the SD card out of my camera, I appreciate the fact that you just took the SD card and not the whole camera! Gotta love public hunting...
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Bummer...sorry to hear about your card. I have had cameras stolen too --- from private land! I often wonder if the culprits do this because they know they were 'caught' on camera. On private land this would make sense, I guess...because they could have been trespassing. Not sure about public though?
Thats great that he only took that. But what do expect? i think anyone who puts a trail cam in puplic woods is foolish. Its sad but its the truth. That would be like putting a nice pocket set in by a bridge. your just asking for johny sneekum to take your trap.
AMybe the camera caught him in the act of doing a dirty deed and he saved yoou from being scared for life. Not likely but just a thought.:shootingguns:
Does your trail cam have a internal back up ? You can check by putting blank card in and it should automatically down load on it.

BYI: SLOB HUNTERS - probably out of staters from Pittsburgh
I hate to hear that. My guess is he was up to no good. I can't see any other reason for someone to only take the card, unless they plan on hunting that area and are letting you do the scouting for them.

FYI, covert cameras are pricey, but they have built in GPS that can be travked if stolen.
more than likely it was a squatch, you prolly caught it taking a squat and he/she took your card. they don't need the camera but sure hate having their pictures taken!!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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