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Rural King Sale

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Wow! They're giving it away...

Plant Green Publication Book Organism


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If you hold out until everything freezes, you might be able to get it for $3.50.
If Hillary makes president it will be $4.99...:stirthepot:
Unfortunately, I believe it's "when Hillary makes president we're all screwed!"
That's probably the worst store to put in by you.
Like a kid in a candy store!

I haven't seen you on here for a looooong time.
Mark, Pigeon decoys work good,been using them for doves.Cut wheat fields have a lot of grass pigeons are more visible. ordering another 6.Most doves have left ,but still getting 2-3 a day. Healed yet? Bill
Good to hear those decoys are working for you. I'm pretty well healed up, been running the combine. I'm seeing good numbers of doves here on the harvested acres and a lot of rabbits all sizes, saw one today that was no bigger than my fist.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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