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    <P>&nbsp; Time is near and will start roading the dog, start at about 1 mile and work my way up to around 3 miles, use a harness and let the dog pull to get stamina and muscle mass I use a bike and have to apply the brake for more resistance always wait till it cools down in the eve. or early morn.&nbsp; You can use a long lead and walk but make sure the dog is pulling to use there muscles. If your starting out with a couch potato or overweight dog&nbsp; take your time heat stress can be deadly! Lets get our hunting parterners in shape the season is nearing.</P>
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    <P>Tim, timely advice. However, if my Lab were pulling on his leash as I heeled him, he'd have my foot up his ass, as he knows better.I'm sure that's acceptable behavior with those barbaric breeds known as"pointers"<IMG src="" align=absMiddle border=0><IMG src="" align=absMiddle border=0><IMG src="" align=absMiddle border=0></P>