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Still a rookie at this whole duck hunting thing but trying to figure it out quick.

Last year I hunted mostly rivers with my spread
2dozen mallerd deks
or a buddies rig on the big lakes around central ohio using a couple dozen mallerd dekes, some bluebills, and a bunch of goose deks.

Got permission on a HUGE farm that has a bunch of retention ponds on it running from 1/2-3 acres all in the middle of about 18,000 acres of corn, wheat, and bean fields.

The hunting will be for geese and puddlers, what Im wondering is what you guys do for spreads.

Do you guys use just mallerds or do you spread it up..ie mallerds/redheads. How many dek's do you use in small set ups?

Im getting several dozen geese shells so I will have the field hunting covered, but not so sure about how to target the ponds.
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