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The Buckeye Retriever Club will be holding its 56th annual AKC Licensed Spring Field Trial on April 15-17 at Grand River Wildlife Area in West Farmington on Route 88 between Rts 534 and 45.<br> <br> Entries close tonight and as of 10:30 a field of 153 working retrievers will be competing for placements and championship points.&nbsp; The Derby and the Open All-Age will start on Friday.&nbsp; The Qualifying and the Owner/Handler Amateur All-Age will start on Saturday.&nbsp; Everything will be finished by early afternoon on Sunday.<br> <br> This is the only event of its kind held in Ohio in the spring and the Buckeye Retriever Club does it well.&nbsp; Some of you guys have dogs with great pedigrees, come see what it takes to get the FC, NFC, AFC, or NAFC in front of those names.<br>
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