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I'm selling off my decoys that I bought to put together a layout rig, but unfortunately the other day I was in an accident where someone ran a stop sign and took out my boat totaling it... so to make up for some of the losses, I'm selling these off....
I have 129 decoys in total.
The ones that are complete have been coated and painted. One dozen of them were done by a guy that goes by Sethgander on here. Some are not finished, as to I ran out of time to finish them. Anyways I have...
30 restle black ducks at $250 a dozen.
16 restle minis at $300 for all 16
12 restles that are painted as mallards $300 for the dozen.
30 S&K decoys that need the heads put back on, $150 a dozen, or 12.50 a piece.
3 S&K bodies, at $30
13 restle mini bodies (only have 7 heads) $175
16 restle bodies with no heads for $240 for all of them.
And finally a pair of fowl fooler canvasbacks that are brand new, $40.
Also have a shank style layout boat for sale for $700 obo. I don't have a picture on my phone but if interested I can get you pictures.

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