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    Alright fellas, lets hear em..

    My personal fav:

    Duck Marmalade- quick, easy and delicious.

    Prep- preheat oven to 400 (I sometimes go with 375), Dice up half an onion, peel one whole orange and cut slices in half (longways)

    1.) Spread layer of orange marmalade as base

    2.) Lay duck breasts on top of marmalade (I usually use 4-8 breast)

    3.) Sprinkle garlic powder on top of breast

    4.) Spread another layer of orange marmalade on top of breast and garlic powder.

    5.) Sprinkle diced onions over top of breasts.

    6.) Lay orange slices on top of everything, spread out evenly across dish

    7.) Lastly, pour 3/4 cup of your favorite red wine over everything.

    *cover the dish in foil. put in oven for 20-30 mins depending on how you like your meat cooked. Once you take the dish out lay your breast on a plate and take all the left over sauce from the pan and pour it in some type of gravy dish then smother it all over your breasts.