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I was picked for this hunt Nov 12.Would you be willing to share what this hunt entails,as far as do you get to pick your spot,do you go there the day of the hunt or is there a prior registration,what are chances of shooting a deer,are multiple hunters in same zone.Just trying to get an idea about the overall day and the hunt.
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Just Kidding

They assign you a zone when you arrive , no pre-scouting allowed.

Your zone will be yours no one else.

They will have chaperones to assist for every 4-5 zones.

Most are helpful some are not. (they do hunt areas also)

Some big deer there all depends on zones and weather conditions

I always like to have 1 person in group to put on drives while others sit.
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It depends on your sector. My daughter and I hunted it last year and saw 2 deer. Escorts said coyotes have put a HUGE hurt on the population. That being said I wouldn't pass at a chance to hunt there because the deer are still there if you get the right sector.

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My wife shot her first last year there before 8:00. Small 8 pt. but she was pumped. Can be good, can be bad, just like any other hunt.
Great hunt. See you there. Depends on the unit and the hunt escorts. I think the escorts generally point you in a good direction...maybe not always the best direction. Been there at least 4 times the last time about 5 years ago with my wife. Killed deer or had shots every time. Not what it was 10 years ago but I'm sure it's still great.
It is a good hunt. Last year we saw a lot of deer . Hunt the area away from the roads. If you have it take a deer cart. My buddy shot a huge doe at the back of the area. Without the cart the drag would have been terrible. It was bad enough with the cart. As stated before the best way is for one person the walk the perimeter and then push deer back toward other hunter using mini-drives.
Thank you for the info
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