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Rage broadhead

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First time Rage user, the 2.3 inch 125 grain to be exact. They have made short work of three Does so far. All 3 broadheads have broken and or bent badly. I know this happens to a lot of broadheads but I do like to get a couple of shots out of them at least. Has anybody gotten more life out of the 2 inch Rage.
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ive used the same broadhead for multiple does. always use a new one while buck hunting. as long as you dont hit shoulder i have had no proplems with rages breaking.
No problem with my rage broadheads, I use the same one on three deer
Been using rage for7 yrs. never had issue like that. Always do the trick. Good on turkey too. Best mechanical in my opinion.
Thanks for the replies. I'll chalk it up to bad luck and hopefully see how the next few work out.
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