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Pipe Creek and East Sandusky Bay Multiple dates

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Our group had some success last Thursday.

We thought we would list what we had and see if there is any interest in trading for a Mercer opener or second split opener closer to our home "turf".

We have Pipe Creek:

November 29 - unit C
December 8 - unit C

Also have September 6 - unit C and along with this a Pickerel Creek on the 5th. Would like to trade together as if we are up there for one, we might as well use both.

East Sandusky Bay:

December 3 thru 9, and
January 21 thru 27

These won't go to waste, we were just looking to find some hunts closer to home.
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Thought there would be more interest in a Pipe Creek draw. I know I may have had lofty expectations for an opener, but I thought more of you northern boys would prefer to hunt Pipe vs. Mercer.

Throw out any offers you have.


you drove to pipe for the draw but don't want to hunt your permits cause you want to stay closer to your home turf? confusing just wondering.
Fair question.....

I myself will gladly drive back to Pipe to hunt. I will hunt at least one time there this season. However, a couple of the guys I hunt with live closer to Mercer and were not successful in getting picked this year for a Mercer hunt. They asked if I would throw out the dates we have for Pipe to see if a Mercer was available in trade. Another factor for us being at the draw is because we were staying at a friends place for a few days doing some perch fishing, so we were only 30 miles from the draw.
Good deal wasn't trying to be a smart ass was just confused. Plenty of Mercers out there for you. Good luck
UTkicker is just a smart ass.....By the way, the dove decoys love their new home Baldpate! Thanks again.

Glad we could get you some dove decoys. Hope they do their job properly.

As far as smart ass questions, isn't that par for the course on this forum? I took the diplomatic route in my answer, but I am wondering why I am answering questions when the one asking traded 5 hunts for one and took a Pipe Creek draw that he doesn't want to use because of a conflict that he had to know about when picking the date. It's because at least half of the draw hunts are taken for trade opportunities. Just like a couple of the guys that went to the Pipe draw with us. It's all good....
It was nice meeting you. Decoys are gonna be great.

And by the way, UTkicker is actually a nice guy..even though he couldn't find me a Castalia trout draw...
UTkicker is just a smart ass.....By the way, the dove decoys love their new home Baldpate! Thanks again.

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