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Pickerel Creek ?

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Anyone have a teal report from Pickerel Creek ? Were heading up there tomorrow.......
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Proably wont get a report. but that should not matter. the teal there today could be gone tomorrow. or there could be more tomarrow than today. never know with them little guys. good luck.
Reads that they saw 15 teal at Pickerel Creek :eek:

And 5 wood ducks. ( that are probably dead by now )
Thanks for the info....... Disappointing, but I'm hoping all 15 of those teal were seen in Zone 31........ :D
I was on main marsh for opener. We shot 4 blue wings and a goose. Not many teal for an opener. Glad to see that guys who shot at 6:45 am "paid the piper" for their ignorance. I had several interesting conversations with my 12 year old hunting partner. Dad why can't we shoot the teal in our decoys. Cause we have to wait to 7:06 when the sun rises we have to wait 4 minutes. Dad isn't that bright orange globe in the eastern sky the sun? I think its already risen. Agreed son but we are going to wait anyway. Dad why would someone shoot early and screw the marsh up for everyone. My reply welcome to public hunting a duck is never worth breaking to law over you have to hope those who shoot early are seen by law enforcement and get what's coming to them. Friend in Boggy marsh was blanked and also did not see many teal. Good luck and be safe this season.
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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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