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Pickerel Creek muzzy hunt

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My kid has a muzzleloader hunt this Saturday at Pickerel. Never deer hunted there before in the "special unit". He has parking spot D. Looks like some decent territory. Any suggestions? I'm trying like hell to get this kid his first deer. I have basically given up my entire season in an attempt to get him a deer, and muzzle loader season will be his last chance. I've got good, to really good private land to hunt, but he'said been chit on with odd weather this year. I was told earlier in the year to find a decent crossing and sit tight.

Anyone else hunted this area that has any other info/advice??
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Forecast is now calling for rain here, maybe he'll get lucky and have a little snow up there. Keep the powder dry and good luck!
If it's like the other controlled hunts that's exactly what to do.

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Ya, send him with a Dad who cares. I'll get him a deer for ya. I won't even charge for it. :shootingguns: J/K Good luck
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