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PARMA, Ohio – City law currently prohibits hunting, but Parma City Council is considering asking voters to lift the hunting ban for deer.
The proposal is part of a joint effort between six cities and the Ohio Department of Natural Resources to combat the deer overpopulation in the region.

Parma along with North Royalton, Broadview Heights, Parma Heights, Seven Hills :spot:and Strongsville plan to ask residents to vote on deer bow-hunting during the March election.

The cities on Nov. 16 will hold information sessions at their respective city halls, according to multiple news releases sent out on Friday.
The proposal will be introduced at tonight's Parma council and committee meetings.
If approved by council, residents in March could vote to allow the "limited hunting of white-tailed deer by crossbow or long bow" in areas 5 acres and larger. The police chief must approve and issue a Municipal Deer Control Permit to a "qualified archer applicant."

To be considered qualified archers, hunters must receive certification from South Cuyahoga Sportsmen's Association or another state-approved archery proficiency test site and a valid Ohio hunting license.
Hunting will have to be conducted from an elevated platform and property owners must give written permission to allow hunting on their property.

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I will tell you the residents of Seven Hills are really pissed off with all the Deer problems.

Yes a lot off tree huggers , but I think it will have a chance !
My parents live in seven hills and their neighborhood is pretty much overrun with deer. Nearly every time I go over there to shoot my bow I have an audience of 4-5 does watching me practice the act of murdering their kin.
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