Our Tragic Metro Veterinary Hospital Experience

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    Skyler brought more joy, companionship and loyalty into life than could ever be imagined. I deeply miss our daily walks and time together.

    The following is a review that I wrote about our terrible experience at the Metropolitan Veterinary Hospital in Akron. I posted this and a similar report online at Yelp and Angie’s list hoping that sharing details about my experience might be helpful to others at some point.

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    Sorry to hear about this. Even though I live nowhere near Akron and would never use this clinic, I will keep it mind should anyone ever ask.
    Is there any legal recourse that can be pursued?

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    I doubt there's any legal recourse especially once I signed off to take Skyler home to let him die.

    I still can't believe I did that... I know I couldn't think clearly being so upset about the distressed state that my dog was in. My impulse was to stay with him and not let him go, I think that's a large part why I made that final decision.
    At one point I asked the surgeon if I could accompany Skyler to surgery... I would have done that for sure. My presence had a profound and noticeable energizing effect on Skyler. At one point he got up from the stretcher that they brought him in on and crawled across the floor to my feet. I know he sensed my distress.
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    No doubt you made the best decision you could given the circumstances. Good to know about your experience for when some of us face a similiar situation. Very sorry.
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    Sorry to read about your loss that sucks

    I dealt with Metro when my Golden had cancer and passed and they where first class with me
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    Very sorry to hear about your dog. Especially how it went down. My lab died in my arms on 12/27/15. It was somewhat unexpected. He was struggling really bad, and as soon as I started holding him an telling him he was ok, he seemed to calm down and let go. It's one of he hardest things I ever been through. But I'm glad he was with me, and not strangers. As much as what you went through sucks, at least your friend was with you when it happened.
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    Sorry for your Loss. Losing a dog is a hard thing. Remember the good memories that he brought you. I have memories from 5 Labs and 2 human hunting partners over the last 50 years, the happy memories will always make you smile.
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    It's hard to let them go but would surely be worse in your situation with the bungled diagnosis. Wish they could have got it right, sorry for your loss.
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    Sorry for your loss, I know what your going thru, I had to put two of my dogs down this year. Never an easy decision.
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    Thanks you all,

    Some Veterinary specialists seem lose touch with recognizing the value an older dog presents when they are an integral part of a human friendship or family. An older dog often does become an intuitive extension of their human friend and this is especially true with hunting companions.
    I think sometimes a surgeon can unfairly take advantage of the psychological influence they impose on the people around them, especially on a client's ability to make decisions in highly stressful situations. There was no need for this surgeon to put off surgery or communicating with me for so long. This was very unfair to me and my dog.
    Losing Skyler has affected me more than the loss of family members, especially the way that it happened.
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    Sorry for your loss, our dogs are family. Why did you choose this facility?